Nowadays, the professional driver is not only the one who picks up a load at one location and delivers it to another location.
No, a good professional driver nowadays is a jack of all trades and can rightly call himself a specialist in his field.
Nowadays you can better consider a good professional driver as the manager of a company on wheels.
International legislation and the business world place heavy responsibilities on this manager.
The transport of hazardous substances also requires specialist drivers, who transport hazardous substances expertly and carefully.

Target group
Professional drivers who transport explosive dangerous substances in quantities exceeding the exempted quantities must hold an ADR certificate of competence for mixed cargo and tanker transport.

Make personnel who perform actions as mentioned under the target group aware of the danger aspects associated with these actions. Provide them with knowledge and insight into the regulations concerning hazardous substances. Use personal protective equipment correctly during activities. To be able to carry out practical actions in order to combat calamities (such as spillages or fires). In addition to factual knowledge, the aim is to develop an environmental and safety awareness in the student.

Preliminary training.
ADR driver basic.

After passing the ADR certificate for potentially explosive substances, the participant is able to

  • Carry out the mixed cargo and radioactive substances activities properly and safely (in accordance with the regulations);
  • to supervise transport adequately, taking into account the characteristics of the product to be transported;
  • ensuring the correct administrative handling of transport;
  • reacting correctly in the event of accidents and/or calamities during the transport of hazardous substances;
  • to report an emergency involving hazardous substances.

The national and international rules on the transport of dangerous goods are changed every year. The driver must therefore be given regular refresher training. That is why the ADR certificate is only valid for 5 years and the renewal course must be followed during the5th year.

The specialization parts can be obtained separately or as a complete package.

Course Content:

  • general theoretical knowledge of radioactive substances
  • special risks associated with the transport of radioactive material
  • special rules on the packaging, handling and mixed loading of radioactive substances
  • documents relating to the transport of radioactive materials
  • vehicle equipment associated with the transport of radioactive materials
  • the marking of transport
  • the regulations on loading and unloading procedures
  • the personal protective equipment associated with the carriage of radioactive material
  • preventing and combating an accident and/or calamity involving radioactive substances

Course duration

  • Classroom, 4-day course
  • Webinar, 4 day session
  • Blended, 2-day course
  • Internet, at your own discretion
  • Repetition, depending on method chosen

Location and time
The course is preferably held at participating companies. If necessary, we will hire a location if there is sufficient participation, taking into account the place of residence of the participants. The courses are held in consultation with the company. It is possible to hold the course in the evening hours and/or on Saturdays.