The transport of dangerous goods by seagoing vessels is laid down in the Ships Act in the Netherlands. As most transport by seagoing vessels takes place in international waters, the Netherlands has also signed the SOLAS Convention, which means that at the same time the IMDG code has been incorporated into national Dutch regulations.

In some cases, these regulations also apply to national maritime transport.

Target group
The target group includes employees (shipping agents/warehouse supervisors) who are charged with implementing the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. These employees must be able to apply the regulations of the IMDG code in a correct manner.

The ability to prepare goods, containers and vehicles carrying dangerous goods for transport in accordance with the IMDG code.

Prior education.
Some work experience in the transport of dangerous goods is desirable but not essential

The course ends with an AGTL exam.
Candidates who pass receive the certificate "Senior working with ADR".
The certificate has no validity period, but it is advisable, due to constantly changing regulations, to repeat it after 5 years.

Course Content:

  • Learning to work with the IMDG code
  • Learning to apply the IMDG code in the workplace
  • Identification, packaging, labelling and marking.
  • Learning how to draw up the transport documents
  • Learning to inspect and check loading units, before actual loading

Course duration

  • Classical, 6 day sessions
  • Digital class 6 dayparts
  • Webinar, 6 day session
  • Blended, 2-day course
  • Internet, at your own discretion
  • Repetition, depending on method chosen

Location and time
The course is preferably held at participating companies. If necessary, we will hire a location if there is sufficient participation, taking into account the place of residence of the participants. The courses are held in consultation with the company. It is possible to hold the course in the evening hours and/or on Saturdays.